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Inquire at the Viking Cafe about our class drink discounts or for your catering needs.


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We offer a variety of spirit apparel for various clubs, sports and special events. Check back throughout the year for new items. We also have travel mugs that are always changing offered at very reasonable prices that include a free drink.

Who We Are

Our Goal

Our mission is to provide rigorous relevant workplace skills for all students while creating a positive community at Forest Grove High School. Started in 2014 The Viking Café serves Forest Grove High School and the surrounding community with coffee and treats! The Café is open 7:30am – 2:30pm each school day. Students gain valuable work experience and business skills each block throughout the day. The class is comprised of students of all abilities focusing on student strengths and teamwork.


Giving Back

Each month students from The Viking Café chooses a club or local cause to donate all tips. Each day The Viking Express goes out into the community to sell coffee and treats to schools in the district. Students generalize their skills from The Viking Café to provide excellent customer service to the community.


Where Our Coffee Comes From


Certified Fair Trade Coffee

Our fair trade certification means that Transfair USA , an independent , third party certification agency, guarantees that the family farmers who grew your coffee were paid a fair price. The majority of the world’s coffee is grown by small scale family farmers, who are amongst the poorest farmers in the world. Many small farmers are forced to sell their harvest for less than the cost of production. Though fair pricing, millions of people are able to stay on their land, put food on the table and keep their kids in school. Buying and drinking certified fair trade coffee encourages environmentally friendly ways of growing coffee, protecting the land and wildlife habitat. Each month students from The Viking Café chooses a club or local cause to donate all tips.

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